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CBSE UGC Net 2018- Exam Preparation Tips

National Eligibility Test (NET) is a national level examination. It is organized by the CBSE, University Grants Commission. Students who have post-graduation with 55 percent marks can apply for this examination. Please notice, this year the UGC NET examination will be held on July 8. After passing this examination, the candidates are eligible to become a teacher in any university as well as doing a PhD. Learn how to prepare. Please notice, this time students will have to give two paper of NET. At the same time, there are several questions related to Teaching Aptitude in the first paper. There are questions related to research, educational technology, psychology etc.

Exam Preparation Tips

– Surely look at the question papers of the last few years. This will help you to understand the patterns of exams and important topics and your confidence will also increase. Be sure to take help from your seniors and teachers if needed.

– Keep complete information about your syllabus; make a complete list of all topics so that no topic is missed. You have to prioritize some topics. This exam covers most of the topics in your PG course so your hold on every subject should be strong. Surely solve the test papers of General Awareness.

– Make personal notes definitely. These notes will work a lot for ‘last-minute study’.

– Divide the notebook into three columns. Write a topic, title, serial number in the left column, main note in the middle column and any updates or references in the last column.

– You should do your own preparation correctly. You should know which topic to read and how long it is to read. Do not waste time.

– The most important thing is that you should be full of positivism and self-confident.

How to prepare Teaching Aptitude (Paper 1)

Nature of teaching and requirements – There are questions related to the highest teaching nature. So you have to understand the nature, purpose, and requirements etc. of teaching. Books for B.Ed. or M.Ed. can be helpful for this.

Method of teaching – There are many methods of teaching. They are selected according to the situation. It is must to be aware of these things. Find out more about charts, flash cards, projectors, presentations etc.

Methods of evaluation – Methods of evaluation are done according to university or college. For example, if there is a marking system in a college, then somewhere CGPA system. You must have knowledge of all the methods of evaluation.

Where to Read – You can read them through online books. Teaching Aptitude Tests have been provided on many websites. You can practice by going there. Can get help from books of B.Ed. and M.Ed. You can also practice from sample paper found in the market.

Questions related to UGC – Some questions in Net’s question paper are linked to UGC. Therefore, before you give the exam, read about UGC once. It would be better if you read the goal and purpose behind it.

Hope the above tips will help you prepare for the exam.

May 6, 2018

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