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This course is designed to be an expert in computer based business accounting. Through this course, you get help in improving your knowledge and expertise in the field concerned, as well as prepare yourself for the local and ever-changing demands of the market with the necessary skills for the industry. The great advantage of doing a professional course on an ordinary degree course is that there is a high chance of getting a good job.

This courses will help to develop essential job skills in those students who are looking for a good job in the field like: – Accounting, finance, taxation, banking, payroll, e-accounting, direct taxes such as income tax and indirect tax Such as GST (goods and services tax), VAT and e-filing etc.

Educational Qualification

  • Minimum 12th pass with Commerce or Non Commerce stream.

A fresher or a professional who wants to learn the whole concept of financial accounting with its latest implementations and trends in the industry and to make a career in the concerned field can go with this course.

Scope of the Course

After successful completion of this course and you can go for below career opportunities for yourself as per your skills:

  • Senior Finance Executive
  • Senior Accounts Executive
  • Assistant Manager-Accounts & Finance
  • Accounts & Finance Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Senior Executive (in KPOs & MNCs)
  • Commercial Manager
  • Financial Analyst

Course Curriculum

Computer Fundamentals
Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer with handout 00:00:00
Hardware vs. Software and Software Updates 00:00:00
Customizing the Computer 00:00:00
Understanding and Working with Operating Systems 00:00:00
Understanding Files, Folders and Directories 00:00:00
Office Suite
MS Word 2016-creating, editing and formatting documents 00:00:00
Page Setup & Printing, Using Mail Merge, Tables and Columns 00:00:00
Navigating and Animating PowerPoint presentations 00:00:00
MS Excel 2016- Working with worksheets, Editing & Formatting 00:00:00
Using Functions- Basic, Logical, Financial &Reference Funtions 00:00:00
Sorting & Filtering 00:00:00
Advanced Paste Special Techniques 00:00:00
Pivot Tables & Charts 00:00:00
MS Outlook-Working with Outlook features 00:00:00
World Wide Web
Exploring & Navigating Internet Explorer 00:00:00
Using Different Browsers and Search Engine 00:00:00
Creating and using Email Account 00:00:00
Introduction to social media platforms 00:00:00
Protecting your Online Financial Transactions 00:00:00
Business Accounting-I
Introduction to Accounting 00:00:00
Accounting Concepts, Terms & Standards 00:00:00
Transactions and Accounting Equation 00:00:00
Recording Transactions using Journal Entries 00:00:00
Analysis of Business Transactions 00:00:00
Capital and Revenue Items 00:00:00
Journal, Ledger and Trial Balance 00:00:00
Subsidiary Books 00:00:00
Business Accounting-II
Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves 00:00:00
Final Accounts 00:00:00
Valuation of Inventories 00:00:00
Year-end Adjustments 00:00:00
Rectification of Errors 00:00:00
Projects-Books of Accounts-Preparation 00:00:00
BRS-Bank Reconciliation Statement 00:00:00
Direct Tax and Income Planning Tax
Basic Concept of Income Tax 00:00:00
Computation of Income from Salary, Business or Profession 00:00:00
Computation of Income from House Property 00:00:00
Computation of Income from Capital Gains and Other Sources 00:00:00
Deduction from Gross Total Income 00:00:00
Income Tax Computation 00:00:00
How to file TDS Return 00:00:00
How to file PAN Number 00:00:00
E-TDS return filing process and implications 00:00:00
Salary Structuring and Tax planning Tips 00:00:00
Tax Planning for Individual (Salaried Person & Businessman) 00:00:00
Tax Planning at different stages 00:00:00
Tally.ERP 9
User Interface and Company Management 00:00:00
Masters – Ledgers & Groups 00:00:00
Masters – Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger 00:00:00
Voucher Types and Class 00:00:00
Vouchers: Payment, Receipt, Contra and Journal 00:00:00
Manufacturing Vouchers 00:00:00
Scenarios and Optional Vouchers 00:00:00
Day Book in Tally 00:00:00
Pre-Allocation of Bills 00:00:00
Cheque Printing in Tally ERP 00:00:00
Billing Features in Tally 00:00:00
Masters : Inventory 00:00:00
Goods and Services Tax (GST) 00:00:00
Purchase & Sales Order Processing 00:00:00
Purchase and Sales Voucher, Returns and Payment with GST 00:00:00
Debit and Credit Notes 00:00:00
Bank Reconciliation in Tally 00:00:00
Price List in Tally 00:00:00
Credit Limit & Stock Transfers 00:00:00
Batch Wise Details & Re-Order Level in Tally 00:00:00
Point of Sales 00:00:00
Budgets and Controls in Tally 00:00:00
Party Ledger Analysis 00:00:00
Search, Filter and Sorting 00:00:00
Financial Reports 00:00:00
Export, Import, Backup and Restore 00:00:00
Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in Tally 00:00:00
Payroll Accounting in Tally 00:00:00
Finalisation Entries 00:00:00
Data Security 00:00:00
Tally Audit 00:00:00
Printing Reports 00:00:00
Shortcut Keys 00:00:00
Communication Skills
Integrated Skills- Development of Speaking, Listening and Grammar Skills 00:00:00
Advance Reading – Improve Reading Speed, Fluency and Vocabulary 00:00:00
Advance Writing – Planning and Writing Complex Tasks 00:00:00
News and World Affairs – Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, TV and Radio 00:00:00
Project Work – Working Together to Write and Produce a Group Project 00:00:00
Write Professional Emails in English 00:00:00
Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & on the Phone 00:00:00
Build Your Professional e-Portfolio in English 00:00:00
Film Appreciation- by Watching Sort Film Segments 00:00:00
Goods and Service Tax
Registration 00:00:00
Meaning, Scope, Place and Time of Supply of Goods & Services 00:00:00
Valuation in GST & Payment of GST 00:00:00
E-Commerce 00:00:00
GST Portal 00:00:00
Accounts & Records 00:00:00
Composition Scheme 00:00:00
Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes 00:00:00
E-way Bill 00:00:00
Input Tax Credit & Matching of Input Tax Credit 00:00:00
Input Service Distributors 00:00:00
Overview of the IGST Act 00:00:00
Returns & Refund 00:00:00
Tax Rates and Classifications 00:00:00
Offences and Penalties 00:00:00
Facilities to Taxable Persons 00:00:00
Definitions, HSN Codes & SAC Codes 00:00:00
Advance Excel
Working with Charts, Slicers, Tables 00:00:00
Lookup Functions- Vlookup / Hlookup 00:00:00
Arrays Functions 00:00:00
What If Analysis, Macro, Goal Seek 00:00:00
Data Validation 00:00:00
PowerPivot , Power View, Power Map, Power Query 00:00:00
Excel Dashboard 00:00:00
Advance Accounts
Accounting for Bills of Exchange 00:00:00
Special Journals & Ledger Scrutiny 00:00:00
Company Final Accounts 00:00:00
Analysis of Financial Statements 00:00:00
Account Finalisation 00:00:00
Accounts of Non-profit Making Organizations 00:00:00
Statement of Cash Flows 00:00:00
Accounting Ratios Analysis 00:00:00
Banking and Finance
Introduction to Banking, Acts and Regulations 00:00:00
Types of Bank, Services Offered by a Bank 00:00:00
Deposit Products 00:00:00
Mortgage and Loans 00:00:00
Banking Instruments 00:00:00
Electronic Banking, Telebanking/ Telephone Banking 00:00:00
Corporate Banking 00:00:00
Voice Mail Facility 00:00:00
Loan Scheduling and Development 00:00:00
Costing and Auditing
Introduction to Costing 00:00:00
Concept of Cost Accounting 00:00:00
Material / Inventory 00:00:00
Activity Based Costing (ABC) 00:00:00
Marginal Costing/ Break Even Analysis, Variance Analysis 00:00:00
Introduction to Auditing 00:00:00
Purpose and Types of Audit 00:00:00
Advantages and Limitation of Auditing 00:00:00
Vouching 00:00:00
Verification of Assets and Liabilities 00:00:00
Valuation 00:00:00
Financial Management
Time Value of Money 00:00:00
Risk and Return 00:00:00
Financial Market, Participants and Instruments 00:00:00
Cost of Capital 00:00:00
Capital Budgeting 00:00:00
Company Capital / Shares 00:00:00
Working Capital Management 00:00:00
Financial Statement Analysis 00:00:00

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